Our Fundings

Our partner, ISIF ASIA, has consistently funding our research since time to time

2019 Grant - 20.000 US$
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2020 Grant - 30.000 US$
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2021 Grant - 150.000 US$
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2023 Grant - 85.000 US$
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ISIF Awards

The Honeynet Threat Sharing Platform, designed by Swiss German University (Indonesia), collects, categorizes, and distributes cybersecurity threat information from malicious traffic discovered in partner “honeypots” around the world. Project leader Dr. Charles Lim accepted the award.

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Research Framework

Deployed Honeypot Services

Honeypot Services / Protocol
Cowrie SSH
Elasticpot ElasticSearch
Gridpot IEC-61850
Honeytrap SMTP, DNS, HTTP, Ethereum, Redis
RDPy Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

Our Publication

As we partnered with Indonesia Honeynet Project, there are several researchers and publications we do as well

Threat Analysis on Industrial Control System Based on Attacker's Behaviors using Honeypots
Arssy Nursidiq

Mapping Threats in Smart Grid System Using the MITRE ATT&CK ICS Framework
Ahmad Balya Izzuddin

Mapping Linux Shell Commands to MITRE ATT&CK using NLP-Based Approach
Yevonnael Andrew

XB-Pot: Revealing Honeypot-based Attacker’s Behavior
Ryandy Djap

XT-Pot: eXposing Threat Category of Honeypot-based attacks
Ryandy Djap

Feature Extraction Methods and Classification Malware Incident News
Gugum Gumilar

Unveiling Attack Patterns: A Study of Adversary Behavior from Honeypot Data
Dimas Subhan

Analyzing Adversary’s Attack on Ethereum Collected from Honeypots
Dimas Subhan

Cyber Threat Hunting to Detect Unknown Threats in the Enterprise Network
Arssy Nursidiq

Semantic Similarities for Honeypot Collected Linux Shell Commands
Kevin Hobert

Enhancing Cyber Attribution through Behavior Similarity Detection on Linux Shell Honeypots with ATT&CK Framework
Kevin Hobert

Knowledge Graphs for Cybersecurity: A Framework for Honeypot Data Analysis
Yevonnael Andrew

Our Dataset

We are currently working on our dataset

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